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The manual, titled Storm Water Management for. 4) Aug This Policy establishes principles, responsibilities and requirements for managing EPA&39;s records to ensure that the Agency is in compliance with federal laws and regulations, EPA policies and best practices for managing records. You may keep your records in other ways as long as they contain the required information.

3) Febru This Policy establishes principles, responsibilities and requirements for managing EPA&39;s records to ensure that the Agency is in compliance with federal laws and regulations, EPA policies and best practices for managing records. Establishes the Agency’s style epa records management manual and format standards for correspondence and publishes the EPA Correspondence Manual (EPA Manual 1320). Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Office of Water, prepared this guidance manual to provide information guidance for developing and issuing permits (or control mechanisms) to nondomestic (Industrial) Users under the National Pretreatment Program. This manual is intended to provide useful general information to shooting range owners/operators. AC Memos - Memos to Agency Records Officers. The basic concepts training will help you determine whether your facility has triggered EPCRA Section 313 (TRI) reporting requirements for one or more chemicals. Records Management Policy (CIO 2155. Overview of the Records Management Baseline Assessment The process that EPA has developed for effectively inventorying and scheduling records is referred to as Records Management Baseline Assessment.

Mailing epa records management manual Address: P. Records that conta1n Confldentlal Business Informatlon (CBI) or other sensltlve material will. Records identification, management and access are essential in allowing the Agency to meet its mission. Ohio EPA Public Recordsemail: edoc. . EPA&39;s records are managed with records schedules in final status, that is records schedules approved by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

handled accordIng to the EPA Records Management Manual and the varlOUS other EPA manuals governlng the protectlon of these. The goal of the LRM is to improve the quality and consistency of. who inspect your records can easily understand them.

This training includes topics on reporting thresholds, reporting forms, and reporting exemptions as well as an introduction to electronic reporting. Box 1049, Columbus, OHStreet Address: 50 West Town Street, Suite 700, Columbus, OH 43215 Report a Spill, Release or Environmental Crimeor. This manual incorporates both general information on records management program requirements and detailed operating procedures for managing and administering EPA&39;s records management program with particular emphasis on the disposition process.

As the number of laws and severity of punishment governing records management continues to increase, it becomes even more para-mount that organizations follow best practices for proper records management. All staff should become familiar with these general policies and procedures and ensure they are followed to provide for the safekeeping and efficient management of OIRM records. Also, please report unreadable documents or any other technical problem so it can be fixed in the system. Chapter 31, Records Management by Federal Agencies – 3101, Records management by agency heads, general – 3102, Establishment of program of management • 44 U. In addition, the Agency has developed a set of policy directives for the organization and maintenance of all EPA records (e. 0, formerly 2100.

We created a guidance manual outlining the process by which the documents were collected electronically through the standard process for making them available in EPA’s records system. 3) Earned Value Management Procedures (Addendum to CPIC Procedures) Page 16 of 17. "Violation" is the failure to comply with any provision this manual, whether or not such failure leads to actual unauthorized disclosure of TSCA Confidential Business Information. Kentucky Understanding Records Management- Electronic Records Louisiana Administrative Rules for Records Management Policies and Practices Maine State of Maine Policy on Preservation of State Records () Maine State of Maine Records Management Manual () Maryland Records Management Guidance for State, County, and Local. As a regulatory agency charged with protecting human health and the environment, the EPA is committed to managing the Agency’s records properly to comply with legal requirements and to support the Agency’s mission.

36 CFR Chapter 12, Subchapter B, Records Management). HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL September ix HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL PURPOSE The U. The Records Management Policy and Outreach Program, under the Office of the Chief Records Officer for the U.

Chapter 33, Disposal of Records – 3301, Definition of records – 3302, Regulations covering lists of records for disposal. EPA National Records Management Program This site provides information about EPA records policies and regulations that govern federal records management. Either handwritten notes, computer-generated records, or other recordkeeping systems are acceptable. Contact Ohio EPA by using the phone number or email address listed below.

A detailed manual on how to develop and implement your pollution prevention plan is available from the National Technical lnformation Service (NTIS). According to the Policy, each regional office within EPA is required to establish and maintain a records management program. 1 Federal Laws, Regulations, and Requirements Federal records management is mandated by the following laws and regulations: through 2909 governs records management by NARA and the General Services Administration.

site to comply with the pollution prevention plan requirements contained in EPA’s general permits. One of the basic documentation challenges for agencies is to commit all needed information to paper or electronic media in a way that ensures that it becomes part of the agency&39;s files. Records generated within the EMS are typically identified in the environmental management program documents, which also specify where they are maintained. Label Review Manual Chapter 1: Purpose of the Manual 1-1 I. 5) EPA Enterprise Architecture Policy (CIO Order 2120. Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Phone:~ Contact Us. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not certify or approve ranges, range design or lead management practices. This manual has been written by the Office of Wastewater Enforcement and Compliance, U.

2 Octo Office Of Management Systems And Organization Chapter II. DEQ is a state department created by the Idaho Environmental Protection and Health Act to ensure clean air, water, and land in the state and protect Idaho citizens. Information Resources Management means planning, budgeting, organizing, directing, training and controlling information.

Once the records have been created and placed in official files, records management procedures for maintenance, access, and disposition can be applied. The term refers to: (1) an SF 115, Request for Records Disposition Authority, that has been approved by NARA to authorize the disposition of Federal records; (2) a General Records Schedule (GRS) issued by NARA; and (3) a printed agency manual or directive containing the records descriptions and disposition instructions approved by NARA on one. Deputy Assistant Secretary. EPA System Life Cycle Management Policy (CIO Order 2121. BRIDG - The Bi-Monthly Records and Information Discussion Group. 0 Documentation and Records Organizations that perform Environmental Data Operations (EDO) and management activities must establish and maintain procedures for the timely preparation, review, approval, issuance, use, control, revision and maintenance of documents and records. Subscribe to Federal Records Management Emails.

Send us an email at rm. The forms in this manual are also available from the fol-lowing Internet Web site:. EPA National Records Management Program This site provides information about EPA records policies and regulations that govern federal epa records management manual records management.

This guidance represents the EPA’s recommended procedures to be used by POTW personnel when conducting an inspection or sampling visit at an. The CMS has more than 2,800 users across the nation. Manages operation of the Correspondence Management System, the EPA’s web-based correspondence tracking and workflow management software application.

EPA/542/R-92/005 October 1992 CERCLA /Superfund Orientation Manual U. 0 CIO Approval Date:. DEQ&39;s Mission To protect human health and the quality of Idaho’s air, land, and water. .

Based on the Federal Records Act, EPA established the Records Management Policy. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (also referred to as the Agency). Purpose This Label Review Manual (LRM) serves as a training tool for the Office of Pesticide Program’s (OPP) employees and as guidance for product management team members who are responsible for performing label reviews.

This manual establishes a policy framework for the Information Resources Management (IRM) Program in the U. Records Express - The Federal Records Management Blog. Environmental Protection Agency RoomM PM-211D 401 M Street, SW Washington, DC 0. Manual Supplement 44-2, Maintenance of Records (1993) with the former OPM Administrative Manual Supplement 44-3, Disposition of Records ().

Government, is responsible for developing Federal records management policies and guidance related to records creation, management, and disposition with an emphasis on electronic records. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response OSHA Instruction ADM 3-6. EPA/IMSD/91-020 November 1991 Model Regional Records Management Operating Procedures Manual (Draft) NRMP National Records Management Program Information Management and Services Division U. We will assist you in obtaining the document. Environmental Protection Agency, and has been peer reviewed both within the EPA and outside of the EPA. 3) EPA Information Technology Capitol Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) (CIO Order 2100.

Environmental Protection Agency Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response. If you have questions about the Region&39;s EMS document control and records management practices, please contact the Region 7 EMS Coordinator, David Pratt. Interim Records Management Policy (CIO 2155. Where text from these earlier documents was still pertinent to OPM’s records management. , the EPA Records Management Manual, 1984). DON Environmental Restoration Program Manual: Chapter 15 Records, Reporting, and Information Management (February ) Summarizes NAVFAC’s information management systems to manage, track, and report on ERP progress. Page 5 of 8 EPA epa records management manual Classification No.

EPA Records Policy and Guidance. EPA Records Management Manual (February ). scrlpts; and other related records and supporting.

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